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  • Logitech ConferenceCam Connect £269.99

    Full HD 1080p video calling (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels) at 30 frames-per-second
    90-degree field of view with autofocus
    4X digital zoom in full HD
    Integrated full duplex speakerphone with echo and noise cancellation
    360-degree wideband audio with 12-foot diameter range
    Speakers (Rx)
    Remote Control
    10-foot range for camera/ speakerphone functions
    Screen mirroring through WiFi connection to the device
    HDMI connector for TV output

    Best value Original & Compatible/Remanufacturerd ink cartridges! From

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    is the site for our Joint Venture

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    is our business wiki

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    is our web hosting arm

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    is our testing and Demonstration website for Web 2.0 applications

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    we have merged several blogs into one

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4xtra News

Christmas Hacked

As our news story over on 4xtra related we've taken on two new e-commerce sites after they we hacked and the site owner got little or no help from her existing support and hosting company.

We supposedly had two clean restores, but Although one was safe, the other turned out to have a small issue...

On Christmas morning, before we had had a chance to even examine th