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The Internet is now the primary reference source for software development. Countless online manuals ((who opens papers manuals now?) and discussion groups provide support and reference on practically any subject the developer might require.

But where are the reference sites for APL?

The simple answers are that there a many resources, if you know where to look. There is the growing APL Wiki, the comp.lang.apl discussion group and vendors also provide specialised support:

We can't find a forum for Soliton (the current Sharp APL), which is a lapse on their part, not ours.

And of course, the best resource for APL for the last 20 years is Vector the journal of the British APL Association

There are many other vendors and resource pages, please don't think of this as an exhaustive list. Look at the APL page on the HMW Computing website or the links pages at APLin2020.org