BAA London Meetings 2011

Currently BAA London is holding its meetings at:

  • The Albion
    2/3 New Bridge Street
    City of London
    EC4V 6AA

  • map
  • Usually starting at 14.30 to 17.30
    Free secure Wi-Fi is available

so far this year we have met

  • Friday 28 January
    • Mike Hughes led a discussion about the creation of a tool-kit to allow APLprogrammers to use WPF
    • Dick Bowman introduced PLJ'sAPL
  • Friday 25th February
    • Walter Fil presented the PLURAL language, a strongly typed array language which compiles to C# and D.
    • Stephen Taylor on managing arrays of six and more dimensions
  • Friday 25th March
    • Chris Hogan explained how he drives email from Dyalog APL.
  • The was no meeting in April
  • Friday 27th May
    • British APL Association: Annual General Meeting.
    • Mike Hughes: An update, presentation and discussion on the progress of the "using WPF with Dyalog APL" project.
    • Morten Kromberg: New features of version 13.0.
    • John Scholes: Function-trains in APL.

Then next meeting is on Friday 2eth June, agenda to be decided