BAA London Original Notice

Original Notice

This is the original announcement of the first BAA London meeting.

Before its disaffiliation last year the British APL Association (BAPLA) held several "Wiki Working Party" meetings at the British Computer Society. They proved useful not only in adding content to the APL Wiki, but in reviving the spirit of the old British APL User Group (APLUG) workshops. They also brought Ray Cannon's Moots to mind. Amazing how much you can learn
when working together.

We've found a new venue and in the prototyping style of APL we've given it a try. The Edgar Wallace public house 40 Essex Street, London, WC2R 3JE has an upstairs room and free Wi-Fi. The room has public access but the landlord reserve us the upstairs bar which has so far managed to accommodate us. It's equipped with a large plasma screen, which we've used to good effect.

This might not be a permanent home for such gatherings, but it's a good place to start. BAAPLA has now given us its blessing and we are officially ts London Chapter

We'll be there on 27 March 2009 at about 2.00 pm and we'd like to see lots of you there as well. Bring your laptop, or a USB drive, or just the knowledge in your head.