BAPLA Award 2011

The British APL Association award for achievement was awarded to Stephen Taylor (in his absence) at the recent AGM held on the 25th May 2011.

For some years, Stephen single handedly maintained and edited Vector, both the printed magazine and the website, marked up most of the articles and also somehow managed to hold down a "real job".

It is an indication of how much work he did that, although he remains overall editor, the webmaster's job is now performed by John Jacob, Vector print production by Kai Jaeger and numerous people, including myself, assist with marking up and editing individual articles.

Stephen has also managed to revamp the website, making it easier to maintain, more accessible to search engines, brought it into line with global standard, both XHTML and the Dublin Core (the standard for networking libraries)and streamlined print production so that we can go to press much faster and more cheaply.

Vector remains the leading publication in the Array Programming Languages field and without Stephen's tireless work it would have possibly ceased production some years ago, with a major impact on the British APL Association's viability, and th world of APL

I would like to add my own thanks to Stephen and my admiration of what he has achieved.