World Wide Computer Programming Contest 2010

World Wide Computer Programming Contest 2010 (UPDATED June 7th) 31 cash prizes to be won by students with an equivalent number of introduction awards

UPDATE JUNE 7th: Five additional $250 prizes have been added for contestants who solve one of five new Rosetta Code Challenge problems, bringing the total prize money to USD 8,750! See the Rosetta Challenge page for further details.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to tell your friends and network about the contest and if you can introduce students into the contest you could be a winner as well.

The contest has specifically been established with the purpose of encouraging students, and others, to investigate APL (A Programming Language). It is the hope of the organisers and sponsors that participants will find that exposure to APL broadens their horizons and tickles their fancy.

For further information please visit the Dyalog website