Fonts and Keyboards

What about APL keyboards and fonts?

Ah, the APL font, never quite sure if it is the bane of APL developers or one of the greatest boons the language offers.

Well, a commercial interpreter will come with all the “bits” you require, but for fonts I’m going to land Adrian Smith of Causeway in it, and say that he is the expert who will point you to whatever font resources you need - I can just hear him saying “thanks” now

Most of the APLs now work happily with Unicode and all of the APL symbols are a standard part of the Unicode definition

Keyboards? I long ago gave up worrying about what is inscribed on a key cap, but it can be a bit intimidating for a newcomer. I know all interpreters should come with a keymap, several have "stickers" which can be put on the keys and there were once specialized APL keyboards from IBM. I believe there is a company which will provide engraved keys with the APL symbols, but I'm unsure where to find them.