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HMW Provides...

a wide range of consultancy services and software products.


Our clients have ranged from small business start-ups, to schools and established large multi-national corporations. Our team can supply expertise in a range of fields related to all phases of Systems Design, Development and Implementation.

  • project management
  • workshop facilitation
  • systems design and development
  • change control
  • system testing

We specialise in Agile Development, but we are equally at ease either where solutions must be developed through user participation or by traditional specification methods.


We provide a 24 hour, 7 days a week support service, initially established for our own product support on demanding trading floor environments, this is now available to our clients for third party products. Each client is provided with a hotline number to their support team. Access to incident reports and download facilities is provided through our business Wiki.


We supply tailored training courses in a number of fields, designed to suit the specific needs of a client, such as:

  • Programming Language courses
  • An Introduction to TCP/IP
  • Software conversion courses for an NHS trust
  • and of course, training in our own products.

Agile Methods

4xtraWe use our own development methodology originally based on the techniques of Information Engineering, the project structure of DSDM approach, with some elements of extreme programming and other agile methods. Soon we hope to have ISO 9000 certification of these services via the PCGQS.

APL Development Tools

4xtraHMW supplies a suite of tools and utilities designed to provide a framework for agile projects. These enable the developers to concentrate on delivering a solution to the client's problems, not re-establishing basic facilities with every system. They can be used independently, but together build into a powerful and flexible development environment.

Open Source Software


4xtraAn AppsDrive is a USB Flash Drive with portable, open source software pre-loaded. The applications can be used on any Windows computer, without the need for program registration or installation. When your AppsDrive, is plugged in, you have access to your software and personal data just as you would on your own PC - And when you unplug, none of your personal data is left behind. All for the cost of the USB drive.

Web Applications

4xtraHMW offers a complete platform to make the Internet serve a business, with everything needed from Groupware and CRM to CMS and ERP, using dependable, inter-connected productivity tools with safe and secure, off-site servers and data storage.

Web Hosting

4xtra HMW provides a complete, managed solution, with everything needed for a web site. There are options to suit every organization's needs, from simple sites of a few pages, to fully fledged web based applications. Open Source software and a tailored hosting package, enable us to deploy cost effective, user-friendly, systems on the Internet or a company Intranet.

For further details of how we can help you with all your Software requirements, please contact our sales team.


This is a bit of an experiment for us. We don't claim to be a provider of hardware, but we do source and supply roducts if our clients wish us to.
The form below is the product guide from EET Europarts who provide a wide range of spare for all kinds of equipment.
We hope you find it useful